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Nestled among the rolling hills and family farms of the Lehigh Valley AVA sits a vineyard and winery with good visibility of the surrounding countryside. Weathered Vineyard’s hilltop location produces several microclimates, which accentuates our unique terroir. We hope you can join us in a relaxing and enjoyable experience where quality takes center stage and life feels a little bit sunnier.


Weathered Vineyards is owned by Richard and Dana, who have lived near some of the best grape growing climates of America from the Finger Lakes in New York, to California, and many in between. Richard, a meteorologist and environmental engineer, has had weather on his radar since childhood. He brings a scientific mind to grape growing and winemaking to dig deeper into the process and never stops asking questions. Dana, a nurse, brings her nurturing nature and commitment to quality to ensure that Weathered’s marketing is a notch above.

Together they make up the team at Weathered Vineyard, named for their love of weather and the amazing wine it produces.

Vine image
Beautiful view of the vineyard
Grapes and sunlight

Why Eastern Pennsylvania?

We believe truly great wine can only come from exceptional grapes harvested at the peak of ripeness. We also needed to understand the terroir (/terˈwär/),  or complete natural environment in which a wine is produced, including soil profile, topography, and climate. We did research to determine whether our terroir would be fit to grow exceptional grapes. We took our climate into consideration. In Lehigh County, we have wet springs, hot summers, and occasionally wet falls.  Our soil profile is a deep mix of clay and loam soils, containing a large percentage of a well-drained and fractured ancient shale with a sprinkling of quartzite. We are also in close proximity to the mountains.


With all of this information, we were able to find a growing region with a similar terroir to ours: Bordeaux, France, one of the greatest grape growing regions of the world.


With that, the decision was made and Weathered Vineyards was established in 2013, in the scenic rolling hills of Lehigh County.

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