Red Wines

Quality red wines start in the vineyard where site selection, aspect and soil type all combine with a little help from Mother Nature to allow fruit to achieve a perfect level of ripeness and balance between acidity and sweetness.  Grapes are hand harvested in small lugs and immediately transported to the winery where the magic begins.  After fermentation the wines spend up to 12 months in French Oak barrels mellowing and aging before being bottled and resting for several more months.  Only when a wine is ready will it be released to our guests so please be patient as you cannot rush a quality red wine.

Pinot Noir

The classic red of Burgundy returns. Features hints of black cherry, raspberry and strawberry.


Black cherry, raspberry and plum notes balanced with a light compliment of oak. It has a rounded finish with medium tannins and pairs well with Italian cuisine as well as beef Bourguignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon

A full-bodied red wine with high tannins. May pick up hints of black fruits such as plum and currant as well as note aromas of violet, cedar or eucalyptus. Pairs well with roasted rib of beef, roasted lamb and dishes with a heavy cream sauce.


A classic Bordeaux styled blend...Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A smooth, soft, silky and elegant tasting wine with hints of vanilla, spice, notes of cherry, plum and other dark fruits. It has a beautiful garnet color and a fruity aroma.

Cabernet Franc

A Loire Valley classic. Dark berries including blackberry, black cherry,
and maybe hints of plum. Pairs well with smoked meats, wild game,
turkey and Blue Cheese.


A Rosé-styled Chambourcin wine with hints of black cherry and cranberry on both the nose and palate.


Sweet, fruity, and grape. 8% RS.


A blend of some of our reds with blackberry. A sweet twist of flavors in this tempting red wine. 5% RS.

White Wines

Our white wines were all planted at the top of the hill with a slight northern exposure which helps cool the grapes during the hottest months of the summer.  The cooler microclimate of the northern exposure allows the grapes to “hang” longer but maintains a higher acidity at harvest which ensures a crisp finish to the wines.  Grapes are hand harvested very early in the morning during the coolest temperatures of the day and immediately transferred to the winery.  The fermentation is kept slow and cool to ensure that the aromatics are retained.  All of the whites spend the winter clearing and are bottled in the spring and are usually released without additional aging for your enjoyment.


This barrel aged wine is lightly oaked with notes of peach and citrus. It has both a buttery taste and a crisp finish.

Chardonnay (Barrel Reserve)

A full bodied, barrel fermented Chardonnay with silky and well rounded flavors and a buttery finish. Toasted oak and hints of vanilla carry through in the nose. Pairs well with lobster, shrimp and scallops in rich cream and butter sauces.


A very refreshing Chardonnay! This wine was lightly pressed then transferred to stainless steel without oak aging. Enticing crisp notes of grapefruit with a peach finish.

Pinot Gris

Fruity and aromatic with notes of citrus, pear, white nectarine and apple.

Dry Reisling

Hints of citrus, apple and pear. Great sipping wine for those that prefer a dryer Riesling.


Floral notes on the nose, almost like roses and Granny Smith apples abound.


Crystal clear white wine with hints of apple and lemon, great served super chilled.


A delightful white wine blend with a touch of sweetness and notes of apple, pear, lemon and grapefruit, perfect for that warm summer afternoon or evening.

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